Human Global Warming Solution

Human Global Warming does not require a carbon emissions solution. Humans are not responsible for global warming. Rising CO2 levels today are attributable to the Medieval Maximum around 1200. The carbon cycle lags 800 years behind global temperature changes. Atmospheric CO2 will most likely begin to drop in the year 2200 as a result of the little ice age starting around 1400.

Humans cannot affect global warming or even atmospheric CO2 concentrations. Global warming occurs naturally as does global cooling. The only positive solution to Human Global Warming is to make hay while the sun shines. Human advancements are largely due to settled warm periods of weather like we have today. The human race should be advancing itself in preparation for a period where we might have to endure a period of glaciation that may ultimately last for a 100000 years.

It is reasonable to assume that unless we plunge into an ice age for many generations we will not see a time when sea levels are falling. Sea level is only going to go in the same direction it has done for the last 20000 years and steadily rise.

Most of the Earths population lives within 20 miles of a sea coast. Cities like London and New Orleans will come under increasing pressure from floods. Very low lying flat areas of land, such as parts of Holland, Eastern England, Florida, Maldives and Vanuatu are most likely to vanish within the next 500 years.

As a species we have have nothing to fear from steadily rising sea levels. We have fluorished during the warm weather and have constantly adapted to any changes in our environment. It is hardly going to be a global disaster as over the next 100 or so years we gradually modernise our society and gradually move inland in tandem with changing coastlines. Humans and all land based life maybe in a state of gradual steady retreat from the sea, until the next great ice age.

Human Global warming is completly motivated by politics and economics. The USA never signed up to the Kyoto protocol to reduce carbon emissions. The USA political leaders at the time based their decision on economics, specifically the economy of the USA. The USA is now changing its stance on carbon emissions.

Bush is talking in 2007 about an economy based on bio-fuels and smart technology. It is a noble statement in terms of technogical progress, however Bush also talks about the economy being reliant on oil and gas and the USA cannot control the prices of these resources. Most of these resources are based in Arabia and Russia. So the USA is trying to create a massive bio-fuels industry closer to home, principally in Brazil. Bio-fuels are slightly cleaner than traditional oil and gas products, but the motive for the move to bio-fuels is political and economic. The USA has jumped on the human global warming band wagon to make their energy plan work. Al Gore (the man who claimed to have invented the internet when he was vice president in the 1990s) seems to be making regular appearances on British TV programs in 2007, forthrightly pushing forward the notion of human global warming. I actually think Al Gore knows what he is selling and why.

Sooner or later everyone will realise that Human Global Warming does not exist, but for now it does exist because of political and economic paranoia between Western and Eastern Governments. Since 1945 we have experienced The Cold War, The War on Terrorism and now the Human Global Warming War.

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