Solar Activity and Human Global Warming

Human Global Warming caused by CO2 emissions is a miniscule force when compared to the power of the sun and the earths relative position to the sun. The sun is running on hydrogen fusion converting 700 million tonnes of hydrogen into about 695 million tonnes of helium every second. This leaves 5 million tonnes of gamma radiation being produced every second. The sun represents 99.8% of the total solar system mass.

The sun is such a huge dynamic force aand is far from a stable constant. Solar cycles of sunspot activity can be observed every 11 years. The sun is far from being that simple though, sunspot activity was completly absent or very low during the so called Maunder Minimum or little iceage of 1400-1800. So the power of the sun can be unpredictable and many of its power output variations may not run in cycles at all and maybe impossible to predict.

Astronomers have also been trying to understand if changes in earths orbit are responsible for ice ages and global warming. There is no conclusive evidence that wobbles in the earths orbit are solely responsible for glaciation. There is a cycle of 100000 years and a cycle of 41000 years that have shown to play a part in global temperature changes. The 100000 year cycle is due to changes in the earths orbit eccentricity, essentially its a wobble. The 41000 year cycle is with sunlight variation.

It is clear that the Earth has witnessed regular climate swings naturally for millions of years. None of these events were caused by human global warming and neither will they in the future. The earths climate has so many variables, but the over-riding reasons why temperatures can change are Astronomical Reasons.

The Medieval Maximum was a period of warmer than average global weather in the 12th Century. Astronomers believe that the Sun was slightly brighter at that time. More recently evidence suggests that the suns magnetic field is 2.3 times stronger than it was in 1901. If the suns magnetism is stronger that means the sun is more energetic and maybe the main reason why temperatures are higher now than 100 years ago.

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