Economics and Human Global Warming

Human Global Warming was invented in the 1980's as a theory, based on the fact that global temperatures had been rising since 1975. Global temperatures actually dropped between 1940-1974, despite the massive outpouring of CO2 from industry during the post war economic boom. This leads us to good evidence that CO2 doesnt actually drive Global Warming. Science has now proved it is indeed the other way around. Global temperature has a delayed effect on the carbon cycle. Warm periods always lead to a rise in atmospheric CO2 hundreds of years after the increase of temperature occurs. Carbon emissions are now rising naturally mainly from the sea and humans cannot stop this increase.

Humans and the vast majority of earths biomass prospers during warm periods. If the earth is warmer and wetter, humans can grow more crops. In warmer periods, biomass productivity increases, more fruit, more fish, more trees and just more bio-diversity. The exact opposite occurs when the earth goes into a glacial ice age. Natural habitat is lost for most species and the cold severely affects the food chain leading to global extinctions.

It is reasonable to assume as a species, that economically we would prosper much better in a warmer, wetter environment. History tells us that this has occured before and is telling us that it is happening now. The human race has advanced at an ever increasing rate with new discoveries, inventions and technologies as we live in a moderatly warm time in history.

Rising CO2 represents practically no risk to our planet. Human CO2 emissions make virtually no impact as they are insignificant. Increased atmospheric CO2 will actually be beneficial to every living thing that lives on the Earth. The Earths biomass is comprised of carbon based animals and plants. Pump more CO2 into the atmosphere and plants will grow faster and bigger. The food chain is enhanced by this extra resource and leads to higher production in the Animal Kingdom. Humans benefit enormously in terms of economics, the whole planet is actually more efficient with a higher CO2 level.

It is a tragedy that as a species we actually trying to reduce global warming. We are living in halcion times and we are making a pathetic and ineffective attempt at undoing what is making life much better for an increasing number of people as each year goes by.

The real tragedy from the human global warming myth is that the G8 nations are prepared to stop Africa from developing industries with oil, coal and gas resources the African people have buried beneath their feet. The African dream is to eradicate poverty and disease from their continent. They can do it with the help of wealthy nations and corporations. Human Global Warming means that Africa has to build its economy from wind and solar power, while the rest of the world carries on burning fossil fuels just to maintain their economies.

If Africa decided to burn their fossil fuel resources the only effect would be a minute increase in atmospheric CO2. This extra CO2 would have a neglible effect on global warming. Carbon plays a very minor part in global temperature variations and any extra CO2 would benefit plants, crops and the Animal Kingdom.

The Human Race poses no danger to the planet, we will go extinct well before the earth stops harboring life. If it means burning fossil fuels will actually help disadvantaged people around the world, then we should be doing it. In order to survive Humans should using this warm period in history to advance themselves to the maximum before the next ice age inevitably arrives.

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