Human Global Warming

Human Global Warming Does Not Exist. It only exists in the eyes of the media, politicians and the ill-informed masses of western society. Human Global Warming has reached heights of hysteria in the UK since the turn of the century. Human Global Warming has become a social 21st century epidemic with no scientific basis. The constant barrage of news reports particularly Sky News about impending doom has become just laughable. If there is any person that still believes in Human Global Warming it is because they have been massively mislead. Practically all Earth Scientists, especially Climatologists now understand that there is no such thing as Human Global Warming.

Humans release 6 gigatonnes of CO2 per annum into the atmosphere. The Natural Earth without any humans releases 180 gigatonnes of CO2 per annum into the atmosphere.

It is reasonable to assume as a species, our impact on the CO2 content of the atmosphere is minimal. We only contribute a little over 3% of the total CO2 emissions. The vast majority of CO2 emissions are coming from the sea, volcanism and rotting vegetation.

CO2 represents about 330-380 parts per million of the atmosphere. The natural carbon cycle explains why CO2 is currently rising. The carbon cycle lags hundreds of years behind global temperatures. CO2 is currently rising because of the so called Medieval Optimum around 1200 and is likely to keep rising for the foreseeable future despite anything that the human race does to fight it.

Prior to about 1400, the world was a warmer place than today. This warm period substantially enabled Europe to progress. It was the time of great Church and Cathedral Building all over Europe. Harvests were good year on year and despite the occasional plagues, the population progressed rapidly and with it came social advances such as printing, gothic architecture and literacy. Prior to about 1000AD was a 500 year period of cold temperatures, known as the Dark Ages. During this time, the human race went backwards. It was too cold to grow crops successfully, starvation and the cold led to a time where practically nothing was written down. Knowledge was effectively lost and most societies particularly in Europe and Asia scraped out an existence. Survival was the prime directive.

Human Society fluorishes through every warm period of time. A major warming up occured 3000 years ago and this gave birth to the Bronze Age. At last people could successfully grow crops, have enough food, and stay alive long enough to invent and discover. History shows that as a Species we have more to fear from Global Cooling than Global Warming.

A Geologist will tell you that we are living in the Holocene Period. The Holocene describes the end of the last major iceage and started about 11000 years ago. The Earth came out the freezer quite rapidly and Global Warming in the proper sense reached its height about 8000 years ago. The period in science is called The Holocene Maximum where temperatures were significantly higher than they are today. Northern Europe went from mile-deep glaciers to sub-tropical conditions. Sea levels rose very rapidly, by approximatly 300 feet. This may account for the destruction of many species, mammoths probably being the most prominent loss to the ecosystem. Masses of mammoth bones and tusks have been dredged from the middle of the North Sea, which suggest that they were wiped out in a rapid and catastrophic flood during the Holocene Maximum. Global Sea levels have remained pretty static since this event, despite yo-yoing temperatures. The notion of an ancient great flood is prominent in every religion and culture on earth today. The Holocene Maximum confirms this earth disaster did occur to the detriment of anything living below todays current sealevel.

Human Global Warming wasn't an issue in the 13th Century. Human Global Warming wasn't an issue in the Bronze Age. Human Global Warming wasn't an issue during the Holocene Maximum and the time of the Great Flood. Human Global Warming is not an issue now.

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